[CaughtFapping] Sadie Summers (How’s It Feel When I Hold It?)

Sadie Summers is up to some naughty business in her bedroom, using her trusty vibrator to get her pussy nice and wet. Unbeknownst to her, however, Diego Perez is down the hall and he pokes his head into the room. His eyes go wide with arousal when he sees Sadie’s legs spread and her toy going up and down over her dripping panties. What is she DOING?! Not wanting to ruin Sadie’s good time, Diego hides behind the fireplace and sneakily starts jerking off under his shorts. Sadie has no idea that he’s even there, so she faps away until she catches a brief glimpse of Diego’s face around the corner. Caught in the act, she lets out a flustered gasp and covers herself up. Before Diego can scurry off, however, she invites him into the room to see if she can diffuse the situation. She doesn’t blame Diego for spying on her. After all, he’s all grown up now, so the ins and outs of a woman’s body shouldn’t be anything too surprising for him. But when Diego mentions that he’s never seen a vibrator before, Sadie cheekily invites him to use it on her. He takes it in his hand and guides it onto Sadie’s pussy, rubbing it until she moans with delight. Seeing as Diego’s a quick learner, Sadie decides to skip to something a bit more advanced – letting Diego’s hard cock slip into her pussy until she comes all over it.

Actors: Sadie Summers
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