[HotGuysFuck] Breezy Bri (The Cumback: Theo Banks Gets a Second Chance with Breezy Bri!)

Everyone has bad days in bed. Throw in a couple lights, a big camera, someone you barely know and it’s bound to be a challenge! Theo Banks experienced this first hand during his first shoot with Breezy Bri the night before! The decision to try again in the morning was tough for him to make but with a new day comes a new Theo! Rested up and ready to redeem himself, Theo lets the animal out right away! He quickly strips Bri down and takes control, practically skipping foreplay and getting straight to the point. Theo serves up plenty of ass shots as he dicks Bri down right. As the end nears, Theo can feel his endurance waning and looks to Bri for help! Will her blowjob skills be enough to pull Theo through!?!

Actors: Breezy Bri
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