[HotMILFsFuck] Beth (Far East Meets West Coast Surf)

Say hello to Beth, a 39 year of hot Milf of 2 kids and to say this swinging mom is nervous would be overstating the obvious because it was like pulling teeth to get answers out of her during the beginning interview. But as all of you adoring members know, this just adds to her newbie charm and it’s why you keep coming back to our site. We don’t have seasoned porn stars here, only first timers and even though this gorgeous big-breasted beauty swings with her husband quite regularly, it ain’t like making your first porno is it. So it starts off slow but anticipation is everything I hear and there’s plenty of it but don’t worry because once Tyler Nixon gets Beth naked the fire and waterworks go off for her first squirting orgasm with the help of the magic wand. This woman has a beautiful pussy also and it’s hard to believe two babies popped out of there how tight an pretty it is and Tyler loved licking and probing it. Next is face fucking and this shy mom’s nerves melted away as a stiff cock was shoved down her throat right before we had her ride the Sybian while said face fucking continued, and the festivities just continued from there. There also wasn’t a whole lot of first today for our hot Milf except rimming Tyler’s ass and taking dick Pile Driver, but we love your enthusiasm Beth and we think you’ll love it also everyone. So cheers and safe travels.

Actors: Beth
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