[HotMILFsFuck] Christina (Working For The Presidents)

Ok so I had to change a tag category for today’s Hot Milf because she’s only 20, and I don’t want to hear it everyone. This woman is hot and one of my buddies actually found her stripping and he convinced her to come over expecting to . . . Well we all were expecting to do an ExCoGi shoot with our lovely, but then we found out she was a mom and we felt she fit the HMF bill better. She didn’t mind it much either what site she was on and I have to say this girl can fuck. I guess having a two year old will hinder the amount of sex one has as a single woman because Christina hasn’t had sex in over a month she confessed. She also hasn’t ever had anything up her butthole before and that includes her own fingers. Now don’t get too excited, this isn’t an anal scene and we don’t hear that too often that nothing has ever been up a girl’s ass before including her own fingers, but she can check that one off her honey-do list. Anal play . . . Check. She also hasn’t ever been face fucked or had anyone cum on that gorgeous pretty little face of hers either and honey-do list items #2 & #3 checked and double checked. Lets see what else hasn’t our little pole dancer done before . . . uuuuuuummmm ate a guy’s ass? Bingo! And yes that’s a checked one for sure and this girl is a pleaser because I think it’s even hotter when a girl does things she’s kind of not into just to please. Well Christina is that kind of woman who is pretty much down for anything depending on the guy, and as she confessed afterwards during her post shoot confessional. “I got to fuck one pretty hot guy today, – and unfortunately for the vast majority of us guys out there we are not Tyler Nixon who just happened to of won the sexual lottery by means of the looks department. Again, who ever said life was fair but lets focus on the gorgeous young mom who’s sporting a killer body and is here to spread her fine legs and is willing to let Tyler do whatever he want to her inviting orifices. Ok so she’s got a few inconspicuously tasteful tattoos and a two year old at 20, and who hasn’t taken a few missteps in life? Because correct me if I’m wrong, that’s what life is all about and more importantly learning from those little life lessons. So what did Christina actually learn today Steve? Well she learned that sex on camera is fun and very orgasm inducing because she had 6 of those today. Her previous record was 3 and ‘I’ll have some of what she’s having – is right ladies, and you can to by just clicking on the “Model For Us – tab on our website. You don’t even have to be a paying member. Just go to the tour and apply and you to can have Tyler pound your husband or boyfriend neglected pussy until you’ll want to leave his sorry pussy ignoring ass. So lets see what else, and as I said earlier she got face fucked for the first time and even got her first ever facial and swallowed Tyler’s man seed! That’s right, even women that take their clothes off on stage for money aren’t super sluts, yet, and our little ‘make it rain – girl after today is well on her way to being treated like the whore in training she begged to be called today. Who knew Christina liked to be slapped around and called a whore as Tyler choked the fuck out of her as he used her pussy to fulfill his perverted desires before unloading an ewwy gooey load all over that virgin face. Well it happened today and she even rimmed Tyler’s ass and I love this girl for it. It all sort of reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay and as he so eloquently would state in his standup routings, ‘And so she was sucking, and fucking, and I was doing things to this girl you wouldn’t do to a farm animal, and at the end of this little soiree she says to me, You know I just needed to be held – . . Well Christina, you got the bonus package, OHHHHHH! and that’s it folks.

Actors: Christina
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