[HowWomenOrgasm] Codi Vore (10.24.2023)

Codi Vore fully embraces everything about what it means to explore your sexuality. When she first discovered pornography through a university roommate, it opened up the world in ways she never thought possible. Although she’s been in the industry now for six years, she wholeheartedly told us during our interview that she’s still learning about her sexuality every step of the way. When it comes to what drives her libido, Codi explained that a lot of it has to do with some element of fetish. In fact, she didn’t even realize that she could be attracted to women until exploring one such fetish, which was a powerful and emotional moment for her. You could hear her voice breaking as she explained the profound impact it had on her life and sexuality going forward, and that moment really stuck with me. The entire interview was enlightening, especially when Codi shared more of her thoughts on female sexuality and the many misconceptions surrounding it. She shared her thoughts on female orgasms, pain around vaginal penetration, and shame attached to exploring and owning one’s sexuality. She was even open about how birth control can affect libido and how it affects HERS, which was truly humbling. But after the emotional ups and downs of the interview, Codi was finally ready to show us how she celebrates her bodily autonomy and sexuality. And now we’re going to share that celebration with you!

Actors: Codi Vore
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