[LezBeBad] Riley Nixon, Vanessa Vega (Doctor’s Rectal Retrieval)

An embarrassed patient, Vanessa Vega, goes to a doctor, Riley Nixon, after being unable to remove a set of anal beads she got stuck inside her. As she lies there in the doctor’s office with bright purple anal beads sticking out of her ass, Vanessa is definitely rethinking her life’s choices. Fortunately for her, Riley isn’t bothered as she sets to work prepping Vanessa with lube to remove the beads. But this act unexpectedly leads to BOTH of them becoming aroused – and Riley soon puts the anal beads BACK inside of Vanessa to PLEASURE her! What follows next is a raunchy romp focused on gaping, fisting, and putting a rectal speculum to very good use.

Actors: Riley Nixon, Vanessa Vega
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