[ModernDaySins] Kylie Rocket (Mad Fuckers: Picking The Wrong Fights)

A social worker, Seth Gamble, confronts a girl, Kylie Rocket, after he heard that she’s gotten herself in yet another fight. He’s frustrated and concerned that Kylie will one day get into a fight she won’t win. But Kylie is undeterred and overconfident in her abilities, insisting that she can take care of herself. She can hold her own against ANYONE, especially a softie like Seth. Seth scoffs, challenging Kylie on the bold claim, though she smugly stands by it. Suddenly, Seth demonstrates her vulnerability by putting her in a chokehold. Although Kylie’s surprised, she laments that she wasn’t ready, which leads to them both taunting and sparring with each other as they both try to prove their points. But as Kylie strains against Seth’s front, she notices that he has a boner and surmises that her social worker is enjoying this self-defense demonstration a little TOO much – The sexual tension between them only intensifies from there and leads to rough sex as they both try to prove just how tough they REALLY are.

Actors: Kylie Rocket
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