[PervTherapy] Barbie Feels, Maria Kazi, Julia Robbie (Bonding Through Sex Therapy)

Ken, Barbie, and their stepdaughter Maria book an appointment with Doctor Robbie, an unorthodox family therapist. They have been completely dysfunctional for a while now since husband and wife haven’t had sex in ages. And to top it all, Ken had a little too much fun with his stepdaughter Maria and now Barbie resents them for that. Doctor Robbie notices the tension between the family members so she tries a different approach. She gets completely naked and starts sucking Ken’s cock. Barbie and Maria feel awkward at first, but then, they understand that joining in is the best solution. The Feels family has a tender bonding moment when they have a hot foursome with their family therapist.

Actors: Barbie Feels, Julia Robbie, Maria Kazi
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